Dog Licensing

2024 dog licenses are now available. Click HERE for a registration form.

Town Bylaw's on Dog Registration

In the Town of Norfolk, dog licensing runs on the calendar year, with all licenses expiring December 31st. We open up relicensing in mid-December and all households are sent a dog registration form with their annual Town Census.  
The following information is required by my office in order to license your dog:

  • dog's name
  • breed
  • color
  • gender/spayed/neutered
  • date of birth
  • veterinarian
  • owners current contact information
  • a copy of your dogs current rabies certificate is required
A $50.00 late fee will be added to the licensing fee beginning on April 1st per Town Bylaw. The amount of the late fee is set by MGL Chapter 140 §141 which states "Whoever violates section §137, §137B or §138 shall be assessed a penalty of not less than $50, which shall be paid to the city or town wherein the violation occurred." Failure to license your dog may also result in a police violation from the Animal Control Officer. All violations are in addition to licensing fees and late fees.

You can pay for your dogs license by either mailing a check made payable to the Town of Norfolk and a stamped, self addressed return envelope to: 1 Liberty Lane, Norfolk MA, 02056, put your payment in an envelope marked for the Town Clerk and placed in the drop box located at the rear of Town Hall, or you can pay online.  ***Note, the ability to pay online is removed on April 1st  (also note: if paying online, bank fees are added by UniBank)

The license fee is waived for residents 70 years and over with proof of age. (proof of current rabies is still required)